General Usage

  1. Put the Table you want to export in the macro.
  2. Set an ID and choose other parameters you need (see table below).
  3. Save the Page and click “Export..”. You should be seeing this:


You can select the following settings when editing the macro.

ParameterRequired?Default ValueDescription
IDYESNo defaultIdentifies the table on the particular page. Has to be unique for the page.
Separator characterNO,The character which separates the elements of the CSV-File.
Surrounding characterNOno surrounding characterThe character which surrounds the elements of the CSV-File.
Volatile Table?NOfalseCheck if the content of the table can be changed from outside of the Page.
The macro is storing the generated CSV in the cache. The cache only gets renewed if this page gets edited. So if you want the macro not to rely on the cache, because the content of this table gets changed from outside this page, for example with the Page Properties Macro, then check this Option.
Table-ID as FilenameNOfalseCheck this option if you want to have the Table-ID as the filename.
Link locationNObelowYou can display the download link above the table, below the table or both.